Basic information about the teething period of babies

Basic information about the teething period of babies Although parents are excited to see their child's first tooth, this process brings many troubles with it. We have compiled some details that will be useful for parents who care about this difficult period. Here's everything you need to know to overcome the crisis of babies’ teething age. 
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Although parents are excited to see their child’s first tooth, this process brings many troubles with it. We have compiled some details that will be useful for parents who care about this difficult period. Here’s everything you need to know to overcome the crisis of babies’ teething age. 


1.Diseasesymptoms can be seen 

Teething age may bring along problems such as mild fever, restlessness, crying, mouth sores, insomnia and anorexia. In addition, increased dribbling is an inevitable symptom. During this period, parents should be more sensitive about the baby and hygiene should always be prioritized. For example, the baby’s face can be wiped with a clean cotton wipe and moisturizing creams can be used. When a tooth comes through, bacteria multiply in the mouth and the possibility of viruses to pass to the baby increases. This alone shows that you should not compromise on hygiene. 


2.Beware of high fire 

Mild fever is normal during the teething age,but the baby should be checked constantly. Because high fever can cause infection. In such emergencies, it is beneficial to get medical support just in case. 


3.The first teeth start to appear between 3-14 months. 

Parents expect to see their baby’s first tooth when they are 4-6 months old, but according to experts, the month range is slightly wider. This situation may vary depending on gnetic factors rather than the health of the baby. But it is better than never. The smile of your baby with tiny teeth will warm you up more than anything else. 


4.Nutritionis more important than you think 

The gums of babies who have teething become sensitive. For this reason, loss of appetite and weight can be seen. During this period, the best for the baby is to be fed with breast milk. If there is a problem with breast milk, supplements can be used. Fluid consumption of the baby during this period is also of great importance. Since the gums are sensitive, it is necessary to keep the baby away from hot foods. Babies always like cold supplements like fruit and yogurt. 

 5.Payattentionto drug use 

Teething babies may experience problems such as regional swelling, redness and light bleeding. If the dentist recommends, pain relief syrups or gels can be used. However, since the use of medication can be dangerous in young babies, you should not use it unless you have to. 


6.Teething rings can help 

Applying a gentle pressure to the gums both relieves the baby’s itching and makes it easier for the teeth to come through. You can give the completely natural, chemical-free teether toys to your baby after keeping them in the fridge for a while. Toys that do not contain chemical fluids are very important because newly come through teeth can be sharp enough to pierce the toy. Keeping it in the freezer is harmful because the cold and dry surface may stick to the baby’s mouth and hurt. 

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