How selfless are you?

How selfless are you? How devoted do you think you are in business or daily life? If you think you are not avoiding altruism, let's see how well you know yourself... Take the test, face the facts!

How devoted do you think you are in business or daily life? If you think you are not avoiding altruism, let’s see how well you know yourself… Take the test, face the facts!

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    You have a good relationship, but you argued for no reason. Can you take the first step to make peace?

    • Of course not.
    • If he had to apologize, he certainly did something.
    • I have to think a little bit. I might be on the wrong side.
    • If I’m wrong, of course, I apologize.
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    Group work needs to be done in the classroom or at work. There are some names in your group that you don’t like. How does this affect your interest in the project?

    • I cannot contribute to the project. Because I cannot compromise on myself.
    • I participate occasionally. Even that is enough.
    • I try to do my best, but I can’t bear to see them.
    • I do not mix personal matters with those kinds of things. I do not do anything to negatively impact the project.
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    You will accomplish a job you have always dreamed of with your friends. But there should be no expectation of money for a certain period of time. What would be your reaction to this situation?

    • Dreams are not enough.
    • Friendship and business do not mix.
    • Can’t we just take it from time to time?
    • If we made our dreams come true, it is easy to make money afterward.
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    Would you agree to earn more than your coworkers in the same position?

    • If my salary is more than theirs, it’s because I work a lot more.
    • Why wouldn’t I? They could have worked too…
    • If there is nothing wrong, I will accept it.
    • I cannot come to injustice in business life. This is not an acceptable situation.
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    The exam time has come. Some of your friends invite you to go out or play. How would you decide?

    • I come to this world once. I need to enjoy it.
    • I go and see if I have fun. I’ll handle it when I come home.
    • I get stuck, but I take the books with me.
    • I make it up for this schedule with friends after the exam time has passed.
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    You won a three-day vacation from a website, but it is an important day for your family. Do you prefer to go or stay?

    • I’ll make it up when I return.
    • I go, but I try to be with my family by video chat.
    • If I can, I will take them. Otherwise, I have to go myself.
    • I can’t leave my family alone. After all, we always go on vacation, but the unity of the family should always remain solid.
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    Your flatmate wants to adopt an animal. It also applied for your approval. How would you meet your friend’s request?

    • Nothing can enter the house if I don’t want it.
    • Can’t struggle. I will prevent him from bringing it.
    • If he is not going to ask me for help with its care, he can bring it.
    • After we respect each other in our common living space, the rest is not important. We can even look after it together.
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    Your spouse has gotten sick and now you have to do the housework, although your wife normally does. What will you do with the housework?

    • Housework is not my style at all. Better to go out from the house.
    • I can never deal with the housework, we do it jointly after recovery.
    • I will complain but I probably do in the end.
    • Health is important, I hope she get well soon. I am always ready to do the housework.
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    You’ve had the chance to get the job you’ve dreamed of since childhood, but you earn a higher salary in your industry. Do you want to quit or stay and earn more?

    • I definitely stay.
    • It makes sense to stay when the industry needs me.
    • My logic tells me to stay.
    • What’s the point if I don’t sacrifice certain things?
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    You want your child to be successful in a lesson, but you are not helping him study. If you self-criticize yourself, what would you say?

    • As our ancestors said: “Every sheep is hung from its leg.” He will study for his lesson.
    • I’m telling him that he can do it. But he prefers not to study.
    • If that would help i would ready to contribute.
    • From now on I will be more restrained. I have expectations from him but I am not helping.

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